Integrated Advertising

An integrated marketing campaign combines multiple channels such as content, email, display advertising and social media in order to promote a consistent message to a specific audience. The main goal of most integrated campaigns is to convert viewers into customers.

Integrated marketing communications sounds straightforward, so what are the distinct benefits of creating cohesive messaging across your marketing department? 

  • Increased brand awareness and trust: Integrated marketing communications can increase brand awareness and trust. This is because customers know what to expect from the company and they are speaking with one voice and personality.
  • Increased efficacy and efficiency: When a company creates integrated marketing communications that are used throughout the department and across multiple channels, these messages are easier for customers to remember and amplify themselves. This can cut down on the time marketing teams use to create different marketing messages, leading to increased efficacy and efficiency for the department. 
  • Increased brand awareness and sales: Integrated marketing communications also builds upon themselves when done well. For instance, integrated marketing communications that use slogans or hashtags backed up by a range of other marketing activities build brand awareness that will lead to increased sales.