Online PR (online public relations) is the public relations work of communicators via available online communication channels (and also communication tools). In addition to the online pages of classic media, these channels include social media, blogs and websites.

The aim is to have a lasting positive impact on the external image of a company or brand. In addition, some partial objectives can be defined:

  1. Acquisition and retention of new customers
  2. Communication of information
  3. Increase of attention
  4. Creating a high cost-benefit ratio
  5. Iimproving (online-) reputation
  6. Measuring and controlling success
  7. Achieving a high degree of actuality


We realign brands, reposition products and bring companies into the spotlight. But how do we do it? With the right stories and the right press releases, we reach the desired target group for online PR. We also develop strategies that bring you and your target group together and send them on a journey to your product.